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  • Q: What is the difference between a Traditional Surrogate (TS) and a Gestational Carrier/Surrogate (GS or GC)?

    A: TS's uses use their egg / intended fathers sperm  - via IUI's (biological connection to the surrogate; GS/GC use an embryo via IVF and carry a baby that has no biological connection to them.

  • Q: What are the qualifications of an Egg Donor (ED)?

    A: Egg Donors are women who are between the ages of 19-31 who do not smoke, drink or use any drugs, no genetic history that would preclude them. Most ED's are not known to the recipient couple (anonymous) but in rare cases they can be known to the recipient.

If you have considered surrogacy or egg donation contact us for your personal interview and consultation - all donors/surrogates are personally interviewed by Laura Fretwell, Owner - Angel Matcher


 Email for an appointment!! 


We will contact you upon receipt to set appointment. Thank you - we look forward to meeting and the prospect of you becoming an Angel Matcher "Angel"! If interested in Egg Donation - please email a photo to Thank YOU!!!
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