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Projected Surrogacy Costs

Projected Surrogacy Costs

AngelMatcher has attempted to provide a list of all cost associated with a surrogacy arrangement and all costs listed here in are approximate and subject to change.

Please keep in mind that there are separate medical costs associated with IVF and/or Artificial Insemination AngelMatcher will try and find a facility in your area or that of your surrogate that will keep these costs to a minimum.  There are also separate costs for the actual legal filings and petitions after your child is born.

Agency Fees         

Surrogacy Program Fee

$17,500.00  Surrogacy Program Fee

 International Clients please add:  $2,500.00

       **Please note - donors are no longer available through Angel Matcher/Matching Angels - please visit for your donor needs.

*If surrogate does not pass medical or psychological screening, the selection process of
  a second surrogate will be completed at no additional charge.  

Estimated Surrogate Compensation:*
*All costs are rough estimates only.  It is dependent on location, insurance, pregnancy conditions, etc.   

Surrogate Mother Compensation:

$35,000.00 to $40,000.00. (First Time Surrogate)

$40,000.00 - $55,000.00+ (Experienced Surrogate)

Maternity Clothing

$800.00 Single / $1000.00 Multiples

Surrogate Attorney Contract Review Fee:

$750.00- $1,000.00

Life Insurance Premium:*

$350.00 - $500.00*

C-Section: (if required)

$3,500.00- $5,000.00

Multiple Fee: (if required)

$5,000.00 - $10,000.00 /additional fetus carried

Health Insurance: (if required)*

$300.00 /  $400.00/month*

Amnio, D&C, Selective Reduction: (if required)*

$500.00 /per procedure required

Travel (if required for AI or IVF)*

Actual Expenses & meals*

Bed rest

$250.00/$400.00 week (for housekeeping + childcare)
& Lost wages

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Per Cycle Fee


Artificial Insemination (AI) Per Cycle Fee


Estimated Medical Costs:*
*All costs are rough estimates only.  All associated costs can be higher then estimated.  It is dependent on location, insurance, pregnancy conditions, etc.   Billed directly to Intended Parents for all medical costs.

Estimated Medical Screening for Surrogate and Partner: (Estimated) *


Psychological Screening for Surrogate and Partner: (If not previously screened professionally)*


Estimated Preliminary Screening for Intended Parents:  (Includes Preliminary Consultation with Clinic and Preliminary laboratory and diagnostic tests)*


Estimated Artificial Insemination Procedure Costs: * 


Estimated IVF Procedure Costs:*


Estimated Ob-gyn and Delivery Costs: (After Insurance) *


**Also available - consulting fees @ $100.00 per hour + expenses (airfare & hotel) 
(Available for face to face meetings, being present at transfers, clinic interviews, births)

Estimated Legal Fees:*
*All costs are rough estimates only.  It is dependent on location, insurance, pregnancy conditions, etc.   
   Billed directly to Intended Parents.  Retainer agreement presented to Intended Parents.

Legal Fees for legal filings and attorneys cost for Legal filings and court costs. (Estimated Only)

$6,000.00 - $9,000.00

Estimated Escrow management fees:  $1,250.00 to $2,000.00

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