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Angel Matcher
  • Detailed Surrogate / Egg Donor Profiles
  • Criminally screened Surrogate / Egg Donor or locate one according to your particular needs
  • Arrange psychological screening to chosen Surrogate and/or Egg Donor
  • Determine state laws in the Surrogate's or Intended Parents state
  • Refer legal counsel experienced in surrogacy law in individual States for the Intended Parents, Surrogate and/or Egg Donor
  • Review and assist in negotiating the surrogacy contract between Intended Parents and the Surrogate and/or Egg Donor
  • Oversee all necessary legal filings and procedures (such as pre-birth orders and step parent adoptions) to establish parental rights for Intended Parents
  • Referrals to independent Escrow agents for the opening of escrow account
  • Authorize disbursements in accordance with your contract
  • Confirm Surrogate's health insurance coverage and life insurance; if none is available, or the Surrogate's policy specifically excludes surrogacy, arrange for independent coverage
  • Referrals to fertility clinics or endocrinologist that fits the Intended Parents needs
  • Coordinate medical process
  • Coordinate required medical screening for all parties, per reproductive endocrinologist or clinic's specifications
  • Referral to licensed psychotherapist or psychologist specializing in third party reproduction for Surrogate's and IP(s) initial screening
  • Arrange travel for Intended parents, Surrogate or Egg donor at Intended Parents expense.
  • Attend appointments (for appointments over 50 miles - at Intended Parents expense)
  • Work with the Surrogate, Egg donor and couple to make sure all doctor's costs are correctly provided for, and all doctor's instructions are followed
  • Oversee the day-to-day aspects of surrogacy process
  • Arbitrate in the event of any disagreements
  • Continual support for the Intended Parents & Surrogate via phone, emails, personal meetings
  • Communicate with Intended Parents and Surrogate throughout surrogacy
  • Attend the birth, with your invitation
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