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What types of Infertility can Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat?

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can treat infertility due to hormonal imbalances, blockages in the fallopian tubes, irregular menstruation, and also patients who are determined to have no cause for their infertility. Acupuncture and TCM is also used in conjunction with Western Treatments such as injectables, IUI and IVF. There have been a multitude of research studies in the past decade showing how Acupuncture and TCM increase the success rate or conventional infertility treatments. Also, the stress relief commonly associated with Acupuncture treatments has a direct link to fertility because stress can reduce the function of the hypothalamic-anterior pituitary- ovarian axis, thus leading to infertility.

Natural Fertility Center of Pennsylvania
Meredith Murphy, L.Ac., MaAC, DiplAc
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This information has come directly from Meredith:

    While going over patient files a couple years ago, I realized that over half of my patients were coming to see me for infertility.  I was one of the few women and one of the few English-speaking acupuncturists in the area.  Since then it has evolved into being my specialty and I have worked with many women and couples experiencing infertility. 

When acupuncture and IVF are used in conjunction, the success rates usually double, whether you are looking at general statistics for individual acupuncturists or research studies. My success rate with IVF is about 65%, which is significantly higher than IVF on its own.  In addition to the reproductive benefits that are attributed to the acupuncture, there are emotional benefits as well.  Infertility is a very emotional and stressful condition to go through, but the acupuncture can help with the stress, insomnia, anxiety, and the depression associated with infertility and infertility treatments.

Generally, women will receive 2-3 months of weekly treatments prior to IVF.  Men are encouraged to receive at least 2 months of weekly treatments if there is a male factor to the infertility.  When working with a surrogate, it would be on a case by case basis on who would receive acupuncture treatments and at what intervals.

To find a qualified acupuncturist in your area you want to find someone who is licensed or registered in your state (depending on each state's laws) and board certified by the NCCAOM. At the NCCAOM website, , there is a data base of acupuncturists listed by area and also information on each state's laws and requirements. It is also important to find an acupuncturist who you feel comfortable talking with and readily answers your questions to the best of their ability. Also, if you have any questions concerning acupuncture, finding an acupuncturist, or a question about your acupuncture treatments and care, please feel free to email me at .

Please visit my website at for detailed information on acupuncture and infertility. 

Meredith Murphy, LicAc, MaAc, DiplAc


Brooks Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.

Can Acupuncture help with IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)?

By Michael C. Brooks, D.C.

There are two (2) ways in which acupuncture can help with IVF:

(1) Acupuncture can help to reduce stress and therefore reduce the production of stress hormones, which may interfere with the implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

(2) Acupuncture can help increase the blood flow to the uterus and relax the muscle tissue giving the embryo an increased chance of implantation.

Acupuncture is based on the Chinese theory that vital or life energy ("Chi" or "Qi) flows through the body along special "meridian" pathways.  Acupuncturists attempt to restore optimum health by balancing out the energy (or "Chi") flow by inserting wire thin needles at specific "acupuncture" points located along these meridians.  This is done to remove blockages to the "chi" flow and to restore natural balance, so there is not too much or too little "chi" in any given area.  Treatments are done approximately once a week.  At Brooks Chiropractic Clinic I use electomagnetic stimulation to the acupuncture needles to enhance the "chi" flow and "chi" effects of the treatment.

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