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Angel Matcher
Want to be an Intended Parent?

Struggling with Infertility?  Same-sex couple wanting to build your family?  Single who is ready to be a mom or dad?  Apply with Angel Matcher.  For more information please email or click on the picture to inquire.

Want to be a surrogate?
  • Traditional (TS) where the surrogate has a biological connection to the child she is carrying she is impregnated via Intrauterine insemination (IUI) which is a procedure that involves placing sperm inside a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization by a doctor. The TS has a biological connection to the child and the legal contracts are a preplanned adoption agreement in which the TS will have to relinquish her rights 48 hours after the birth. Typically TS’s are between 24 & 35 years of age.
  • Gestational Surrogacy (GS) / Gestational Carrier (GC) where the surrogate is impregnated via In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body.  (Using the Intended Mothers (IM) egg or an egg donor (ED) and the Intended Fathers (IF) sperm or a sperm donor (SD) the surrogate has no biological connection to the child she is carrying).  The Intended Parent/Parents (IP/IP's) go directly on the birth certificate - no relinquishment is required. Typically GS’s are between 21 and 45 years of age.

Angel Matcher represents Heterosexual married couples, singles, gay and lesbian who are trying to become parents via either GS, ED or TS.  All applicants will be required to fill out an application, provide medical records and consent to a background check.

Want to be a surrogate?  Click on the photo above!

Want to be a donor?

Egg donation is the gift of life.  Egg donors are needed for recipient couples, same-sex families and singles.  For more information you can visit the website at or click on the photo above to apply.  

  • Between the ages of 18 and 31 years old
  • Well educated
  • Proportionate height and weight (BMI Calculator)
  • You are mature and prepared to help a couple or individual have a child
  • You are dependable, responsible, and reliable
  • Healthy, with a healthy family history
  • Non-smoker/No drug use

Fertility is something you never think about . . . .unless it is a problem.  No one truly understands the pain of spending years of hope followed by disappointments, trying to conceive.  Then you think about it nearly every waking moment. When you are faced with infertility and don't know where to turn, when the professionals advise you to find a surrogate angel to carry your child, or just advise you to find an egg donor, it can become suddenly overwhelming. There are many options available to couples and individuals. 

Same-sex couples as well as singles experience the same frustrations – how can I complete my family?

The answer - Surrogacy - there are many different options:

  1. Some Intended Parents (IP or IP’s) are in need of an Egg Donor (ED) or a Sperm Donor (SD) and IVF in order to reach their dreams of a child.

    We can provide you with references for Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE)

    We can help you in your egg donor search

    We can provide resources for sperm donation

  1. Some Intended Parents need a Gestational Carrier (GC) – they can provide the embryo (their egg/sperm – can be ED/IP’s sperm or your egg/SD or ED/SD). The GC will be impregnated via IVF.
  2. Traditional Surrogates (TS) or Volunteer Mothers are also needed in situations where the Intended Parent or Parents are unable to produce eggs or carry a baby full term.  A TS, unlike a GC, uses their own biological egg, which is fertilized by the sperm of one of the Intended Parents or from Donor Sperm.  When using a Traditional Surrogate, using the IUI method fertilizes the Traditional Surrogates eggs.

There are many options open to those wishing to become parents, whether they are married, single or same sex couple.

Please contact Laura to find out more about how you can acheive your family dream!

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