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Angel Matcher

After trying to be parents through natural systems during our first three years of marriage and having consulted the doctors to find out if there were problems, all the doctors told us that there were no problems, but we had no results.

Due to all the above, we decided to try motherhood through medical treatments and after many attempts, time and money, the doctors told us that even if there were no problems, it was better for us to come to term with not being parents because there was nothing they could do.

After a time of reflection to be able to overcome this blow that life gave to us, we decided to try the route of surrogacy, after overcoming family and social opposition because it is prohibited in Spain, we decided to go to the USA an unknown environment for us and totally go in blind.

After 3 failed pregnancies in the Mexico, one of them with six months of gestation and with the feeling that things had not been done well by the North American agency and that the pregnant women had not been diligent and the agency had not been attentive to the situations, we are going to make another attempt and perhaps the last one in Florida, as the previous ones were with an agency in California. We have now found Angel Matcher through our representive in Spain and are looking to begin this jouney again.

God willing that, if it is his will, we can be a family as God commands, as we have done everything humanly we could.

Will you be our answer to our quest to have a family?

Embryos are located in Winter Park Florida

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